So Sorry for not being……

I’m so sorry for not being here more often or checking in on my email as often.  However you may forgive me for my delinquency after you read why.

I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties with my health, is the politest way I can say that I’m having multiple mini strokes on a daily basis & sometimes hourly basis.  So not as mini or minor as I want them to be but according to the last neurologist that I saw in February, I actually have experienced these for over 20+ yrs to his best guess.  So that means all the times I couldn’t remember things while I was an active & overworked pion in the big pool of the work force.  I didn’t receive promotions because I was a disabled mess & didn’t know it.  I finally had to put a stop to working on November 20 2000 for a different medical issue but I was having this issue at the same time I just didn’t realize it because the doctors were to busy trying other tests to figure out what I was explaining as quick short jabs of pain as possible sleep deprivation, or migraine issues, or, or, or, but I finally found by the grace of God a neurologist that understood what I was explaining & told me that he actually saw what I was trying to explain.  I took a visual aide with me this time.  A styrofoam head & my knitting needles to explain the spikes as I called them.  And they hit for no known reason & without warning.  And more & more frequently.


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