Ski Patrol Hat II

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#3 or #4 category yarns may be used to create this item. Crochet hooks to accommodate the gauge: 3 sc x 1” & 4 rows x 1”.

Stitches used: Chain, sc, dc, & hdc.

I prefer foundational stitches verses chain & stitches per my poor eyesight.

But I’ve also created my own form of beginning stitches that cancel out the use of beginning ch stitch to count as a stitch when it doesn’t appear the same. So please bear with me as I attempt to explain them. If you prefer to use the traditional stitches that you are most familiar with you may. I prefer my versions because I’ve grown accustom to them, I’ve used them all my life of crocheting.

Beginning SC: Turn your work when working in rows, then insert the hook again in the same 1st space below the current loop on the hook, draw up a 2nd loop, yo, finish off the stitch. Beginning sc created.

Beginning DC: Stack 2 sc one on top of the other. Please refer to the beginning sc above for the beginning of this stitch, then insert your hook again between the stitch just made, draw up another loop, yo, draw through both loops on hook, Beginning DC completed. It appears & blends much better than a chain 3 ever thought of being concealed.

Beginning HDC: Draw up the Loop on the Hook to ½”, insert hook, yo, draw up 2nd loop to ½”, yo, draw through both loops on hook, Beginning HDC completed.








Circumference of Hat







Length of Nose guard/Ribbing

4” – 6”

4”- 6”

6”- 8”

6”- 8”-10”



# of stitches

12 or 18

12 or 18

18 or 24

18, 24 or 30

24 or 30

24 or 30

# of rows







Ribbing section:

Foundation sc # of stitches for the hat sized you desire to create, turn. Working in the Back loop only now work sc in each stitch across, turn. Repeat as many times as required for your sized hat. To form the seam we will use a sl st through the back loop of the last row & the front loop of the 1st rows created; Thus forming a perfect seamless appearance to the main body nose guard portion of the hat.

Crown section & eye opening:

Now we will work sc evenly spaced around the end of each row of the ribbing section. So you will now have 48 (56, 64, 72, 80 or 88) sc depending on the size hat you’ve chosen to create. Once you’ve reached the beginning & sl st to join you will now begin working temporarily in rows.

Eye opening

2” – 2 ½ “


3”- 3 ½”

3”, 3 ½” or 4”

3” – 4”

3” – 4”

# of stitches

6 – 8

6 – 9


9, 11, or 12

9, 11 or 12

9, 11 or 12

# of HDC

42 or 40

50, 48 or 47

55, 54, or 53

63, 61, 60

71, 69 or 68

79, 77 or 76

Eye Opening:

Now depending on your hat size & person that you’re creating for is will depend on the size opening needed, for those that wear glasses you will need the opening to be larger than for someone that doesn’t wear glasses.

BegHDC in joining stitch, hdc around each stitch until you’re within the # of stitches per chart above. Remember use the larger # of skipped stitches to accommodate glasses. So if you are leaving an opening for 2 inches leave the last 6 stitches unworked, etc. for each size opening accordingly. Turn, Beg HDC in last HDC, hdc around in each of the previous stitches. Now once you’ve reached the beginning HDC of the previous row you will work either a chain for the skipped stitches if you prefer to work with the traditional stitches or you will work fsc for the same # of skipped stitches. If you chose to work the traditional manner the next round will be worked with all HDC until you’ve reached your chain then you will need to work it with dc, for those of us that are working with foundational sc, our next round will be worked with all hdc for the full round. You will have the same # of stitches as you had for your 1st round of this section depending on the size you’ve chosen to create.

Crown Section:

The child size hats need to be worked slightly different from the Teen/adult sized hats.

If you’ve used only 56 HDC you will decrease 1 st every 8 to make this next round only 48hdc. Then work the next round even. Decrease again by 8 stitches evenly spaced you will have 40 stitches, work your next round evenly again. Decrease again by another 8 stitches 32, the next round another 8 stitches 24 & finally another 8 stitches to make only 16 stitches. Turn inside out, after you’ve Fastened off, leaving enough yarn to weave through the top of each stitch to pull snuggly the opening to become solid.

Now for an adult sized hat 88, decrease by 8, 80, decrease 8 stitches every round until you’ve come to only have 16 stitches remaining. Once we’ve decreased the adult hat to the 56 stitch mark we will need to follow the directions for the child size to make our crowns fit properly.


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